What if the classic game Snake was made under Gamemaker's Toolkit's praised design philosophies of Downwell, and it was made by someone who has never made a game before?

...well it would still be pretty similar to Snake. But at least we have bullets now!

Aim for a high score as you shoot enemies, grab pellets, and dodge or block enemy fire. You may use your body to block shots to your fragile head, but your body can only survive so many hits! 

Snaktl fits the jam's theme since each game mechanic has at least two purposes. Shooting kills both enemies and their bullets. Enemies endanger the player, but also drop pellets. Killing enemies increases your score and protects you. Pellets fully heal your body and add another segment. Your body protects you from bullets, multiplies your score, but also serves as a navigation hazard. And your head is where bullets come from, but if you get hit there, its game over.

Made for the Gamemaker's Toolkit Game Jam #1.

Made entirely in Unity, no outside credits to give.